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Each year, 27 million dogs are euthanized in the U.S. because they lack the attention and exposure they need to find a permanent home. To increase these dogs’ chance of adoption, Dallas Pets Alive, a non-profit dedicated to saving the lives of shelter dogs, and agency Dieste, tapped into something that does get a lot of attention—trending topics. To divert this attention to their cause, the organization renamed shelter dogs after the hottest and most searched trending topics at the moment, from Miley Cyrus Twerking and Kim Kardashian’s Butt to Interrupting Kanye, and promoted them through SEM and the site Every time a new trending topic popped up, the team renamed another dog waiting for adoption and put it at the top of search results. To help spread the word, the concept was also narrated in a fun and hilarious online film. Soon needy pups that would have been unknown and unloved became part of real-time conversation in social media—and adopted.

"‘Adoptable Trends’ is a great example of how combining a unique creative idea with social media can drive significant awareness and results for a non-profit with a very limited budget."

John Costello
John Costello
President, Global Marketing and Innovation
Dunkin’ Brands
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Increase in adoptions per year
200 %
Increase in traffic to the site
98 %
Increase in AdWords click-through rate
3 to 1