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The Android operating system runs billions of mobile devices, yet many people don’t know what it is or what it does. In 2014, Google and PHD sought to drive awareness by creating a pop-up presence in Time Square themed “Be Together. Not The Same”—a perfect motif for a place where so many unique individuals from dozens of countries cross paths every day. To succeed in one of the most concentrated out-of-home locations in the world, the campaign either needed to go big or be massively innovative. Google and PHD did both, creating the largest interactive Ultra-HD out-of-home installation ever . The campaign invited visitors to Times Square from around the world to play with a variety of Android devices and simultaneously participate in one of the world’s largest multi-player games that was projected onto a Times Square screen. The campaign made the Android brand human, fun, and approachable. It also didn’t just plaster ads on screens for people to see—it invited them to become a part of creating the story.

“Creating the world’s largest multi-player game no doubt took a gargantuan effort from technologists and engineers, but still the ‘Androidify’ idea felt fun, effortless, and human—which is exactly how Android wanted to portray the brand.”

Joyce King Thomas
Joyce King Thomas
Chairman and Chief Creative Officer
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