Axe Black – Bring the Quiet

Mindshare Turkey and mobilike | Unilever / Axe Black


Digital Audio

The world is getting louder, according to Axe. To introduce Axe Black, a new fragrance for men aimed at making an impression without going over the top, Unilever, Mindshare Turkey and mobilike invited men to “Bring the Quiet” by highlighting the coolness of understatement in a noisy world. Via a mobile app, Axe measured the volume of users’ environments. When the loudness level exceeded 120 dB, consumers were shown a rich media banner on their mobile phones to “Bring the quiet!” inviting them to put on their headphones. When they did, they could listen to the acoustic music performed for “Axe Silent Movement.” This is the first time loudness-level detection has ever been used in a mobile rich-media campaign.

“The great thing about the Axe Black’s ‘Bring the Quiet’ campaign is the insight that we all crave an inner peace. That confidence is baked into the creative, so the brand is celebrating Axe's ‘certitude.’ Great, unexpected thinking for this target.”

Steve Wax
Steve Wax
Partner, Chief Narratologist
The Cooke Wax Partnership
Select Success Metrics
Impressions delivered by campaign
5 million
Consumers who saw the banner and listened to the music in their headphones
Percentage of consumers who tapped to get more information (triple industry average)
6 %