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In England, football fans swear lifelong allegiances to a single team. It is a cultural sin to support anyone else. But what data scientists behind Dream Team, one of the largest fantasy football leagues in the UK produced by The Sun newspaper, found is that their country is awash with sinners. Users were regularly selecting players from across the whole league—even choosing star football players from their most hated rivals—to build their ultimate make-believe teams. The revelation of this taboo was the creative impetus for The Sun and Wunderman’s jaw-dropping campaign. It all started by launching the poignant and curious message, “It’s not cheating when it’s your Dream Team,” across print, social, digital, email, direct mail, and film. The message was supported by content showing football fans dealing with the guilt of betraying their beloved team. Audiences were invited to share their sins using the hashtag #DTConfessions. But phase 2 was the kicker—The Sun actually called out the cheaters. Using social and real-time data, the brand unapologetically called out cheating fans on social channels, inviting them to confess their footballing infidelities. The team then collated this data into ‘cheater of the day’ infographics. The crafty insight and intimate surprises rocketed engagement with the app.

“This was one of the few cases where the idea served the category: Data-Inspired Creative. Too often we confuse data with the idea itself. ‘Dream Team,’ created by Wunderman UK, did the opposite. It played graciously with the insight and demonstrated that in the right hands (and brains), a useful piece of data can become a powerful tool for creativity. And most importantly, the campaign worked!”

Ciro Sarmiento
Ciro Sarmiento
Chief Creative Officer
Dieste Inc.
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Number of players acquired (6% over target)
Number of chairmen set up mini-leagues (23% over target)
Total reach on social media
Number of consecutive days hashtag #DTConfessions trended UK-wide