Emily’s Oz

Goodby Silverstein & Partners and MediaVest  | Comcast / XFINITY


Product Launch

Entertainment is universal; access to it should be as well. To promote the voice-guidance features available with Comcast XFINITY and Goodby Silverstein & Partner showed how rich, rewarding, and unique entertainment can be for someone who is blind. The campaign began with a young The Wizard of Oz fan named Emily, who has been blind since birth. The team worked with Emily to understand exactly what she sees in her mind’s eye when she experiences The Wizard of Oz. They then worked with Hollywood artists, set designers, and puppeteers to bring her spectacular vision to life. The result is “Emily’s Oz,” a six-minute documentary and three additional mini-documentaries that debuted during the Oscars. It wowed entertainment fans, increased awareness of Comcast’s accessibility technology, and created empathy and awe by revealing the hidden beauty one sees when they can’t see.

“’Emily’s Oz’ works as a multi-platform campaign that only a select few companies could deliver on. Comcast and Goodby Silverstein & Partners took the brief beyond the product and created a memorable narrative. Of all the work reviewed this year, the incredible production quality here stands out—and Emily provides an emotional reason to care. The compendium site provided an even deeper look into Emily’s world, and it’s a nice touch that Comcast offered a free accessible version of Oz as well."

Erik Rogstad
Erik Rogstad
Managing Director
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