IKEA #ShareTheBathroom

Jungle Media | IKEA Canada


Innovative Use of Creative Optimization Ad Technology

The morning routine is chaotic for families who share bathrooms. Kids want to tell parents to stop reading their iPads on the toilet, and parents want to remind kids to pick up their wet towels off the floor—all in the moment. IKEA Canada and Jungle Media made making these morning demands much easier—or at least more innovative. The team created a campaign  that allowed users to vent their bathroom-sharing frustrations by creating a customized digital ad that would show up on the offender’s screen. It worked like this: Users would visit Ikea’s site, enter text that was turned into an ad. The ad would be instantaneously stored in a dynamic feed, along with the user’s household IP address. Using custom programs created by IKEA’s buying team, the IPs and custom banners were automatically turned into buying parameters in real-time. IKEA then programmatically bought ad space matching these IPs and delivered the appropriate custom ad to create a hyper-personalized ad for every member of the household.

“How can you take something as blasé as a bathroom and make it interesting??? Well, you make it relevant to the conversation, of course, and IKEA did just that. Using strong digital techniques such as custom banners, user generated content, and themes common to all of us – like leaving towels on the floor – IKEA hit the trifecta and reached a large audience, motivating them to browse on IKEA and buy. If only it were that easy for everyone. IKEA took a risk by going to a place most of us consider private, and they won big by creating a conversation people were dying to have. Well done.”

Laurie Koehler
Laurie Koehler
Brand Experience Director
Intel Corporation
Select Success Metrics
Total Canadians visiting the ad creation page during three week campaign
Total custom banner impressions served
Bathroom sales increase (in-store)
12+ %
Bathroom sales increase (online)
34+ %