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During puberty, girls quickly go from believing they can take on the world to finding themselves with serious doubts. The common playground insult of being told you do something “like a girl” only reinforces these insecurities. The “#LikeAGirl” campaign from Always and Leo Burnett set out to change that. The team invited a group of girls, boys, men, and women to be filmed by prominent youth culture documentarian and director Lauren Greenfield, showing them realizing that doing things #LikeAGirl should be an awesome thing, not an insult. The powerful and emotional video was then seeded with key media, celebrities, and influencers to ignite the conversation. Organic support followed, flowing in from powerful female influencers including Melinda Gates, Elif Shafak (Turkey),  Vanessa Huppenkothen  (Mexico)  and more than 20 prominent worldwide female organizations, such as Global Fund for Women. The video and its supporting hashtag redefined what it means to be female into something positive, before puberty and beyond.

“‘Like A Girl’ elegantly shines a light on a cultural sleight. It's pure emotion, executed immaculately—and is a perfect fit for the brand, since girls usually start to struggle with confidence right around the time they get their periods.”

Leslie Sims
Leslie Sims
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