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Derek Jeter is an icon of the New York Yankees but his skills, work ethic, and sportsmanship also transcend the game. Even for rival fans, Jeter is the Yankee it’s okay to like. To honor Jeter’s retirement, Jordan Brand and Wieden+Kennedy celebrated this unique cultural moment by giving fans around the world a simple way to pay their respects to a legend who never let his sport—or his city—down. This campaign focused on the key moment of celebration: the 2014 Major League Baseball All Star Game, Jeter’s last hurrah on the national stage.  It starts with a video of Jeter adjusting the brim of his helmet as he always has at bat. The simple adjustment turns into much more as the crowd at Yankee Stadium begins to tip their hats in respect. Soon, everyone from Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan to Yankee haters tip their caps to Jeter. The 90-second clip soon went viral on Twitter as millions of fans paid their RE2PECT to the Yankee legend. Everything built towards Jeter’s first plate appearance, with a flood of digital, social, and PR activations drawing power from the emotion of the moment.

“Nike’s beautifully sendoff for Derek Jeter, the integrated campaign RE2PECT, is the commercial brand version of the extraordinary “Ice Bucket Challenge.” To say goodbye to the New York Yankees Captain, Nike made a simple and iconic behavior—tipping your cap like Jeter—the heart of its campaign. This is something bigger than words, an action. The campaign still used traditional media, but used it as a catalyst. Social platforms, celebrity and influencer content, and events created participation you couldn’t help but want to be a part of. Millions of passionate fans made and shared videos, Instagrams, and posts to be a part of the campaign and the story of Jeter’s sendoff. In the end what started as a simple action spread as a global movement across politics and entertainment. This year millions of people, whether they were tipping their hats or tipping an ice bucket, reminded us of all the creative opportunities that lay ahead."

Jeff Benjamin
Jeff Benjamin
Former Chief Creative Officer
JWT North America
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