The Last Game

Wieden+Kennedy | Nike


Online Commercial

Every four years Nike amps up its efforts to connect with footballers for the World Cup. In 2014, Nike and Wieden+Kennedy chose the message “Risk Everything” to inspire athletes to play the fun, exciting football everyone loves, and not to play it safe. To bring this notion to life, they depicted what happens when order and apathy trumps ambition and hustle through a 10-minute high-quality, animated video, called “The Last Game.” Football advertising had become dark and serious. This short film aimed to show every kid that Nike stood for fun, phenomenal play. The only place to see “The Last Game” uninterrupted in its entirety was online. The rollout occurred in phases, beginning by promoting it to Nike’s most committed community, then spreading to its social channels, and eventually appearing in the largest digital advertising placements. In 2014, with the brightness of Brazil filling screens around the world, the video connected perfectly with the image of the game.

“Nike’s World Cup campaign was a series of incredibly successful films that culminated in ‘The Last Game,’ the epic story of brilliant footballers prevailing against the march of boring, bloodless clones. The film attracted a huge audience on social by neatly aligning the brand with the fans’ aspirations. Every World Cup starts with the hope that the pressure of the occasion will inspire players—not make them risk adverse. Featuring a team of famous Nike footballers rendered in the broadly appealing style of a Pixar animation, it’s no wonder it was viewed 90 million times.”

Nick Law
Nick Law
Global Chief Creative Officer
Select Success Metrics
2014 YouTube ad views
2nd most viewed
Increase in followers of Nike Football's community
6 million
Total downloads of Nike Football app
1 million
After launch, on Facebook
2nd most shared video