The Pantene Praise Project

Wunderman Guangzhou | P&G / Pantene



In China, because of the one-child policy, women are under pressure to be everything—a good daughter, a perfect wife, a high-achieving student, and more. As a brand, Pantene strives to help women be confident and “shine strong” no matter what challenges they face. When Pantene applied these brand values to the position of women in China, a powerful campaign came to life. Pantene and Wunderman gave people the chance to praise the women they know who have paved their own path. The campaign centered on cards beautifully illustrated with people’s thumbprints that passed on messages of encouragement to women they admired. These messages were then also shared on social networks. But with Facebook and Twitter not available in China, Pantene had to use local social platforms like QQ and WeChat in a way that was respectful of regulations and not seen as promoting activism. This subtle approach made participants feel safe enough to lend their support, which in turn contributed to the campaign’s success.

“The ‘Pantene Praise Project’ is a lovely example of how something true can drive a smart, simple idea and make a brand matter in the lives of women. Pantene understood that the brand could be the catalyst for women supporting other women. The mobile site was simple to use, making it easy for women to share their support through social channels. And with its unique method for personalizing messages, the support expressed became even more meaningful. This work is a nice reminder that celebrating and supporting women’s successes, whatever they may be, can encourage others in the future.”

Debbi Vandeven
Debbi Vandeven
Global Chief Creative Officer
Select Success Metrics
Total campaign video views
126 million
Total engagements on the Tencent QQ social platform
28 million
Total number of shares and likes of the praise cards through the campaign sites and on Tencent’s WeChat
10 million