Yo! Test Ride

Razorfish | smart USA


Location Based Advertising

This super-smart campaign from smart USA and Razorfish tapped directly into the community of people without cars, showed off the product in depth, and helped consumers to boot. 2014 was the summer of the Yo! app—a viral app in which people could send each other a “yo.” (It broke records gaining more than one million downloads in one day.) Seizing the momentum of the meme, smart USA took over two bus stops in San Francisco for a day and gave free rides to anyone that Yo!’d for one. A product expert chauffeured every car, able to answer any questions the passenger may have. The stunt itself was then turned into content for broader reach. smart USA proudly trumpeted the “world’s first Yo-powered test rides” and film from the rides resulted in an online video. What seemed like silly fun drove some serious results.

“Location-based creative is challenging work. The technology alone can be tricky and complex, and converting it into meaningful creative and authentic brand experiences is even more difficult. British Airways got a lot of love for their extraordinary location-based billboard last year, and now smart USA comes along to reinvent test drive experiences with a clever campaign that is equal parts attitude and authenticity. It works because smart USA invested the technology of on-demand test drives with relevant locations, situations, and executions that feel reality-checked and product relevant every step of the way. The work is never intrusive, instead creating a wonderful sense of ‘invite us into your reality and we won’t disappoint you’ marketing. smart USA leverages technology to enhance the brand’s creative attitude and deliver value. My favorite part of the whole thing: it just doesn’t feel like marketing. It feels more like sharing. Pretty smart.”

Lincoln Bjorkman
Lincoln Bjorkman
Global Chief Creative Officer
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